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Beer Paws

Women Owned | Handmade | Social Good | Made in USA

Beer Paws was born in 2013 when Kansas City dog mom Crystal K. Wiebe created a delicious snack for her pets using spent grains from local breweries. Soon after, she also began "brewing" a malty liquid treat for her dogs, too.Beer Paws Beer Biscuits are made with love - and by hand - in the USA. Using the nutritious brewer's mash produced during the first stage of the beer-making process, these treats contain no alcohol but may be addictive!Beer Paws Beer for Dogs is also alcohol-free. This unique liquid dog treat can be enjoyed as a food topper, served straight like a beer or frozen in ice cubes for a cold treat. Beer Paws Beer for Dogs is potent in a healthy way, containing a canine glucosamine blend to promote joint health.Since 2013, Beer Paws has partnered with 75+ craft breweries and dozens of animal-related charities.

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