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Metro Paws

Eco-Friendly | Social Good

When Megan and Jonathan were dating, Stone, Megan's Yellow English Lab, needed some poop bags while hanging out at Jonathan's pad in NYC. While at the local pet store, they noticed that the products available were crap, literally, and Jonathan said "I can do this better" and Megan said "I can do it cuter" ...and so began Metro Paws®.

Stone, truly was, along with Mizvah and Taco, the inspiration for Metro Paws LLC. Megan and Jonathan have been inspired by the growth and the need to create high end sustainable dog products that better the lives of dog owners. Metro Paws is all about our retailers!

For more than ten years we have focused our efforts on independent pet stores and providing them with amazing products that fit with their customers’ needs. We don’t sell to big box pet stores, and don’t plan to. Our goal is to get fashionable & functional products to customers that their pets will love… all with some help from our favorite local pet stores.

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