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Rose City Pup

Handmade | Woman Owned | Small Batch | Made in the USA

Floral prints, festive patterns, and the pitter-patter of tiny paws--welcome to the world of Rose City Pup!

We have always loved to dress up our pets in the freshest styles (who doesn't, right?), but in 2016, we found ourselves underwhelmed by the selection of pet collars available on the market. We decided to take matters into our own hands (literally) and Rose City Pup was born!

Today we feature a full line of fabulous handcrafted pet collars and bowties that are built to last without sacrificing comfort. Each Rose City Pup product is crafted with care, from the rigorous selection of the perfect eye-catching fabrics down to the very last stitch.

We know how important your furry companion is to you, and we strive to bring you cute, functional fashions that will make your pet absolutely pop in every occasion, from the Insta story to the dog park and beyond!

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