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About Us

Wowie Dogs was started as a pet project (pun intended) on Instagram (@wowiedogs) to feature some seriously gorgeous and photogenic dogs. In 2020, we found ourselves with a lot of free times on our hands, and decided to expand our social media presence with an online boutique of high quality dog products. 

We carefully curate unique products for your own wowie dogs, choosing products that we love ourselves! We carry brands that share in our values, such as social good, earth-friendly, small batch. We also carry our own special line of product from Wowie Dogs. Overall we believe in trying to make the world a better place by spreading happiness, as well as spoiling our dogs!

We believe in helping others, especially dogs and the good people that help them. We donate a portion of our profits to animals in need through nonprofit organizations. We also are a huge fan of small businesses, and can't get our hands on enough handmade products, but don't worry, we will try!

Love and sloppy kisses from the pack!

Sophie, Bella, Kaya, and Tulip