Barketing Director

Not only is Sophie in charge of all things marketing, being a Muttllennial, she is also our most enthusiastic product model on the team! She smiles so much because she loves working at Wowie Dogs!



Chief Inventory Officer

Bella takes her inventory job very seriously, trying out every toy. Even breaking into the inventory boxes to find all of her favorites. She keeps the rest of the pack in line, even though she is the smallest, she is the boss.


Kaya Jane

Pawject Manager

Feeling cute, might do some pawject managing today! Kaya is not only our head pawject manager, she is also the lead for all team happiness. Need to scratch someone's belly? Kaya is your person . . . oh, I mean, dog.



Chief Tasting Officer

If you need a taste test done, Tulip is there for you. Heck, even if you don't need one done, she will do it. She is very helpful like that. A real team player! Also, if half the treat inventory is missing, you know who to look for!


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