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Promote a healthier life for your pup!

Natural Dog Company's Multivitamin boasts with 35 purposeful, beneficial vitamins, minerals & nutrients. Do you ever wonder why we take daily vitamins to round-out our health, but yet our dogs don't? They're running around, getting dirty, eating questionable matter, and more so, of course, they could use an extra boost!

This daily supplement is precisely what your dog needs to live a long, healthy, balanced life. Our grain, soy, and corn-free formula is crafted to dose your dog with the ideal nutrients. With just a simple, tasty treat every day, you can optimize your canine's health from snout to tail.

Using only the highest-grade, organic ingredients, this nutritious treat is a simple, effective way to maintain a healthy pup from the inside out. Minimal ingredients, maximum benefits makes this Multivitamin a must-have for any dog.

Why this multivitamin?

    • Made with premium organic ingredients & vitamins to promote holistic dog health
    • Pup-approved flavor (duck & sweet potato - yum!)
    • Vet-approved, grain, soy, & corn free formula
    • Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, & immune-boosting properties
    • GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes)
    • Certified Manufactured in the USA in FDA-certified facilities
With just 1-3 chews a day (depending on the size of your canine companion) you can help your dog live out a well-rounded, tail-waggin’, healthy life!


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